BECTU Lighting Technicians Branch, TV DRAMA Committee

PACT Vote Results


The PACT Proposal has been ACCEPTED by the membership

With immediate effect, Any new jobs or daily contracts will, as before the 1st September 2016, be subject to local negotiation with a minimum agreed day rate of £240 for a 10+1 day and OT @ £35p/hr EXCEPT those jobs where a higher rate has been agreed before the results.
Those local deals are binding and still stand.

Talks will continue between PACT and BECTU regarding T&Cs with an aim to producing a workable document by 31st December 2016. The subject of overtime will be high on the agenda.

Pact will commit to discussing budget bands as part of agreeing terms and conditions with Bectu, again with the same deadline for reaching agreement of 31 December 2016.

From 1st January 2017, PACT will agree to a daily rate of £247.50, which will be paid to lighting technicians engaged on ALL productions, not just new contracts.

The BECTU web site will be updated in due course, with documented evidence to support the outcome of the vote.


As has always been the case, it is the right of the individual as to whether or not they should accept a job based on Rates, Schedule, Work Patterns or any other factors. However, this result represents the majority opinion of the BECTU membership and you are asked to respect the vote.

If an individual is not employed on a daily contract, the Producer or their representative should send you a completed
DEAL MEMO as soon as possible, preferably before the engagement starts.
BECTU advises that members are equally able and positively encouraged to send a deal memo to the production team if they do not send one to you. A word version is available at the link above, fill in as much information as you can and email it to your Production Representative when your engagement is confirmed.

If you have any further questions, please call Spencer MacDonald at BECTU Head Office on 020 7346 0900

BECTU, its Officials and Reps do not condone bullying or blacklisting tactics.

BECTU Lighting Technicians - TV Drama Committee 26th September 2016