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  On the 13th April, BECTU HQ emailed their members announcing the publication of the PACT/BECTU TV Drama Terms & Conditions Agreement and details of the vote to be launched in May.

The email contained a link to a dedicated webpage at: 

This address was also sent out via branch SMS, but as there is a lot of information on the BECTU main site, the committee felt it would be prudent to post the basic outline below.


Face to Face Meetings

BECTU have, and will be holding meetings across the country where the Agreement is discussed and questions can be asked.  The  LTECH TV Drama Committee are making arrangements to hold our own branch meeting. Details to follow.


Things to Remember

• This is the best set of T&Cs that are possible by negotiation

• There are no currently maintained guidelines for either producers or crew (The Blue Book was abandoned in 2009)

• The T&Cs on our Recommended Rate Card are not agreed by any employer, and rarely successfully implemented in full.


Agreement Highlights

• Combined Start Form & Deal Memo completed before contract starts.

• Contracts issued on a daily hours basis rather than weekly and removes hated practice of "aggregated hours"

• Working hours calculated on your individual start time rather than Unit Call.

• Full company specific contract (NDA/ H&S / company policy etc) issued within 6 weeks or 1/4 way through job, whichever sooner, not in the last week

• Hard rules on calculating travel time/mileage from 1 fixed point. i.e fixed Production office

• Cancelation Policy for full time crew and dailies

• Introduction of 3 defined budget bands

• Restrictions on the use of 11 Day fortnights and a penalty due if encroached

• Restrictions on the use of Grace Periods and penalties for excessive use

• OT payable at 1.5× your on camera hours subject to minimum of £35 and maximum of £45 per hour. For example. At current sparks rate of £247.50, OT will increase to £37.13. Gaffers & Best Boys OT will also be based on their rate, not flat rate of £35

• Restrictions on Clawback

• On camera hours scheduled past midnight attract equal amount of paid compensatory rest or penalty payment 

• 7th day worked at 2x your daily rate


Further Reading/Direct links

• BECTU TV Drama News: 

• Details of meetings:  

• Guide to the Agreement:  

•Full Agreement Document: 

• Consultation Plan:    


Negative Points

• Bank Holidays. Despite bringing this up multiple times at multiple meetings, PACT has made no provision for Bank Holidays. Employment Law does not legislate for Bank Holidays and full time staff in all industries can be allocated those dates as part of their Holiday Entitlement by the Employer. PACT say that if an individual wishes to take paid time off on these occasions, they will be treated in the same way as other paid days off where the funds will be taken from your Holiday Entitlement due at the end of the contract.

• OT in 30min Segments for 1st hour. Every subsequent hour then chargeable by the hour. Experience tells us that sparks would receive 30mins OT for making safe & shutting trucks on almost a daily basis and full derigs are likely to require more than 30mins

 • 15mins each way travel between Unit Base and Location. Although this is unpaid, anything over this will attract OT. This will encourage production to provide better set transport, especially on wrap so we aren’t waiting for other departments.


The TV Drama Committee believe that despite these few negative points, this is the best possible outcome available through negotiation and will have a positive effect on working practices.


• If accepted, data collection and rates per budget band will be discussed with, and decided by the LTECH Members to present to PACT.  NOTE: until the Agreement is implimented and rates per budget band have been agreed, the current rate of £247.50 for 10+1 & £35 ph OT is still applicable

• The Agreement will be in force for 2 years with informal and formal talks with PACT ongoing throughout

• Structured renegotiation process for future pay claims will be established



Questions and comments can be sent via email to the BECTU campaign official at You will not get an individual reply but your question may go into a FAQ section on the BECTU TV Drama webpage during the ballot process. Copies of those entries could also appear on this page.

Please pass the link to this page ( ) on to any non members as ultimately it will affect everyone.


Voting Eligibility

Only members can vote. If any non member wishes to have their vote counted, they must join the union by NOON on May 2nd. Joining details here:  

This page is under the direct control of the TV Drama Committee and will be updated through the ballot and onto the results. Bookmark this page for future reference 

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Last Update: 28 April 2017